Hi Everyone,

So tonight as I go on about my three days of rebuilding Scribble I have been able to map out the road map for this monster of a mess.

You can’t build it in 7 days…

This old saying has tracked its way back into my head. Over the course of a few weeks, since I posted my last blog, I discovered the harshness that is software development. I built this software Scribble on an idea of a bottleneck waiting to happen. Then I tried lovely words of faith. In the end, I don’t want to finish it overnight because it doesn’t make sense to mess up twice. Here may be a pivotal point where I could let my software head into another dark age, which may occur, but I want to do my best not to allow that.

My travels take me to many places, and sometimes it’s back to my childishness that is my love for programming.

I want to present a good product, and not something you can put together in one night.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day.”
Frank N.