My Programmer and Life Mantra

  1. Make sure whatever the tangible idea is, fits like a puzzle piece.
  2. Don’t complicate the idea with creating simply for yourself.
  3. Build it for free.
  4. Make it easily attainable.
  5. Allow transparency.
  6. Don’t extreme yourself to either side of a situation…Find a middle path.
  7. Explain the complexity of a problem with the conciseness of a children’s book.
  8. Find a new path to the answer and manipulate the problem to find it.
  9. Anything is possible, and nothing is 100%.
  10. Anything is breakable, and can also be fixed.
  11. Be concise.
  12. Be strong.
  13. Be real.
  14. Life is just but a journey, and we are a blip through the universe. Like the a shooting star. We last for a second, but we shine brightly through the night. We are beautiful.
  15. Work hard all the time and relax whenever you want to. Keeping everything under your time constraint will work in favor of relaxation whenever needed.
  16. Believe in yourself.